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In order to receive assistance from I Will Not Be #22, you must apply for assistance. Registered and eligible* applicants will have access to assistance provided by available funding. Assistance applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified via phone or email regarding our decision. Please ensure you complete the secondary step of registration that will be emailed to you so that we may assist you as completely and as quickly as possible.

*The only eligibility requirements are verified military status and verification of need.

Enter your email below to be registered on our site. You will be shown and emailed a link to provide optional information about yourself. I Will Not Be #22 will store your information and use it to assist you to the best of our abilities should you ever need our services. We will NOT sell or solicit any of your information to anyone or any other organization. Anonymous demographic data may used to acquire funding, but rest assured that it is anonymous information.

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