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I Will Not Be #22 One Dollar Club

Beginning in February, I Will Not Be #22’s One Dollar Club will assist one military family each month that is facing a utility cutoff notice. Financial stress is a leading cause of depression and suicidal thoughts and we are fighting that by helping those in financial need. Joining the fight is easy and costs as little as $1. $1 that will keep someone warm in the winter and keep water in the sinks, and toilets, and showers. $1 that could save someone’s life.

How Can You Help?

You can help by joining the One Dollar Club for as little as $1 a month. $0.03 a day that could save a life by removing a cutoff notice from someone’s list of worries. You can donate more per month if you wish, or you can make a one-time donation to assist with this program. You will not even notice $1 a month but to the family it helps, it will mean the world. It will mean hot showers, warm beds, and drinking water. It will allow them spend a little on other important items like coats, shoes, groceries, or gasoline. It will provide peace of mind to a struggling and stressed family and you won’t even know it’s gone.

How It Works

Each month we will collect donations to The One Dollar Club. At the end of each month we will use that month’s proceeds to assist a military family facing a utility cutoff notice. The assistance will not exceed $100 and any donations in excess of that amount will remain with the organization. During months that do not reach the $100 maximum assistance, we will utilize the excess funds to provide the maximum amount of assistance to those in need. Selection and verification and need and military status will be provided by an objective (and trustworthy) 3rd party (Semper Fi Fund, EFMP Representative, etc).

One Dollar Club Program Guidelines