July ’16 Buddy Check 22

Check in below with a comment about where you are and how you’re doing!

Buddy Check is a way for Veterans and service members to check up on each other and make sure everyone is doing alright. We at I Will Not Be #22 are glad to offer an open forum for Veterans and service members to check on each other every month. You do NOT have to be a Veteran or service member to participate. Civilians are more than welcome to comment and interact with the Veterans and service members that check in to the event.

You can sign up for our Buddy Check Roster which is a monthly email/newsletter that will contain relevant tips and information as well as links to our current Buddy Check events hosted on Facebook and here on our website. This month’s email has information about Crisis Text Line – an alternative to calling a hotline – and information about how to apply for and use your GI Bill.

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