Crisis Text Line – An Alternative to Calling The Suicide Hotline

Many of you have read about (and several have experienced) negative experiences with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or the Veterans Crisis Line. Many people have shied away from calling due to those negative reviews. Others are concerned with privacy issues and being overheard on the telephone. In steps the Crisis Text Line.

Nancy Lublin, founder of, created Crisis Text Line as an alternative to the phone hotlines. Find out more about Crisis Text Line.

Crisis Text Line
Text “Start” to 741741

The Crisis Text Line analyzes your initial message and uses that word analysis to get you to the right counselor and to provide that counselor with optimal resources to help you in your time of need. They *do* take your privacy *very* seriously and will not release any of your identifiable information to anyone. With that being said, they do use data from the texts they receive in research and analysis in an effort to better combat emotional and psychological crises facing Americans every day. Read the FAQ’s and learn how they use this data (as well as how to opt of the research) here.

Visit to see the culmination of over 6.5 million text messages worth of data, research, and analysis. See what times of the day certain issues spike. Find out which day of the week harbors the most stress. Also see how issues have fluctuated over the years of the analysis.

By analyzing this data, DoSomething and Crisis Text Line aim to reduce these issues and even predict when they will occur and provide this information to schools and law enforcement officers. If schools know that Mondays show the highest contact for eating disorders then they can plan meals accordingly and have counselors on duty to help young people in need. If police departments know that physical and sexual abuse spike on Tuesdays then they can increase the number of officers on duty to ensure adequate response times.

This service and this data are set to make tremendous changes in the way crises and handled in America and we, at I Will Not Be # are happy to have access to this research. We plan to use the information it provides to tailor the way we respond to and handle situations as they arise as well as how we support and assist people in the future.

If you need help, REACH OUT! Call, text, or show up and ask. Never be too proud or ashamed to ask for help. There are people that care about you and that want to help you. Don’t be #22!

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