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Click here to make a $15 donation and receive a Challenge Coin!
Get one Challenge Coin for yourself or as a gift for someone else. You do not have to be in need right now for a coin to be a great purchase. It is a nice token to have on hand when you aren’t doing your best. It can remind you that things will get better or that you DO have people you can turn to. It’s also a great talking point to keep in your pocket and share with anyone who may be struggling.

Click here to make a $22 donation and receive 2 Challenge Coins!
Get a coin for you AND a coin for a friend. If either of you ever needs anyone you know you can rely on your buddy. And, on the 22nd of every month you can check in with each other and make sure all is well.

Click here to make a larger donation.

(Coins are gifted in sets of 2.)


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Any extra donations are greatly appreciated.