Brad Lambert

Brad Lambert

Brad Lambert
President, CEO

I Will Not Be #22


When Brad started his first job at 14, it was just that; a first job. It was a quick-service food establishment called Zaxby’s. What quickly blossomed was a desire to help others. It became more than simply serving food to customers. It was making them smile; turning their day around. That desire turned into a not-so-temporary job in home improvement retail while he worked on his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. With his entire working life having been spent in some form of customer-facing service position, Brad has developed a sixth sense of sorts when it comes to making people smile. His interest in computer science has its roots in the satisfaction he feels after fabricating every aspect of an application from a blank computer screen and making it do exactly what he wanted. His passion for helping people combined with his interest and skills in technology development came together one fateful day to create the founding ideas for I Will Not Be #22.

Brad received his Associate’s of Science in Engineering with a Computer Science specialization from Virginia Western Community College. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with a focus in Information Assurance and a minor in Business Analytics from Capella University. He hopes to strive in a cyber security position with the Department of Defense upon completing his degree.

Brad is married to, and proud of, an active duty service member so this organization holds an even more special place in his heart. He also shares his couch with two dogs; Boxers named Ace and Addie. The inspiration for this organization came to him one night at home with his wife. She was having a bad day and instead of asking what the issue was he completely rerouted the conversation to positive aspects of her day and her week. He believes that by taking the burden of talking out issues off of the person in need, his team can overpower negative thought process by reminding people of the joy in their lives.

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