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What is I Will Not Be #22?

I Will Not Be #22 is a registered non-profit organization with a nationwide presence and the mission to eliminate Veteran and military suicide through support, assistance, awareness, and education.


With a steady flow of inspirational and motivational posts on our Facebook Page and our Instagram, we strive to deliver the message that you ARE worth it. Life is worth fighting for and we are here to pick you up when you need it the most. Our Pledge Program also offers a token reminder (a wristband and a Pledge Card) that you have support from your battle buddies.


We have several programs in place to help Veterans and military families in need. We off assistance with food, utilities, hygiene essentials, and other emergency needs. By assisting those in need we aim to relieve some of the stress that often leads to suicide. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Register for assistance today and we will begin reviewing your request. If you wish to join the fight, make a donation or contribution so that we may assist those in need and eliminate Veteran and military suicide.


The key to helping people is letting them know you can help. We have a strong social media presence as well our this site, but we need your help to spread the word that we are here for Veterans and military families in need. In order to succeed on a mission, you need the proper gear. Our Awareness Gear is available by donation to I Will Not Be #22 and will be a surefire way to tell others and remind yourself that you are in the fight to end Veteran and military suicide.


An important part of being able to help Veterans is educating them on their rights/entitlements to care and assistance and guiding them in the right direction to utilize their benefits. We have an entire page dedicated to Resources for those in need. These resources range from crisis intervention to financial and employment assistance. We also post leads to resources on our Facebook Page on a regular basis. We continue to have an increasing number of requests for literature regarding our organization from leaders in the Armed Forces for distribution and use during anti-suicide briefs and conferences. Please Contact Us if you would like more information about hosting an anti-suicide brief/conference.

If you’d like to know more about I Will Not Be #22, visit the About Us page.

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