4 Easy and Affordable Getaways (For Couples And Families)

We know the stress and strain of work, family, and (trying to have) fun add up very quickly. The occasional getaway can bring a couple closer, re-energize a family, and even stabilize a shaky relationship. That is why we have compiled this list of 4 Easy and Affordable Getaways. Some are family oriented while others focus on intimacy and bonding between a couple. Check out the list, click any links, and learn about your long list of options for a relaxing weekend or a fun filled day with the family.

1) Amusement Parks

4 Easy and Affordable Getaways Amusement Parks

Who doesn’t love amusement parks. With roller coasters, water slides, food, and games, there is something for everyone at any of the countless amusement parks around America. Couples can learn about each other’s fears and favorites while families can create lasting memories of great experiences. With a wide array of major theme parks including Six Flags, Busch Gardens, King’s Dominion, Carowinds, Cedar Point, Emerald Point, Hershey Park, Disney Land, and Disney World as well as many smaller, local parks, anyone from anywhere is within driving distance of a great time. Many of the parks offer family discounts as well as military discounts. So, what are you waiting for?! Start planning your next fun-filled getaway today! A Google search for “amusement parks near me” will also offer many suggestions.

2) Halls of Fame & Museums

4 Easy and Affordable Getaways Halls of Fame

The country is speckled with Halls of Fame for every sport/activity imaginable and Museums for every topic from Dinosaurs to Soda Pop and even Bobbleheads. Many of these attractions offer areas for small children to be entertained as well as exhibits and information geared more towards adults. Quite a few museums and attractions have recently began offering IMAX and 4D experiences which enthrall kids and adults alike. A few of the more well known Halls of Fame and Museums include The Smithsonian, The National Museum of the United States Air Force, The Museum of Westward Expansion at The Gateway Arch, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. All of these locations offer a day of entertainment and information for all ages. Many of these attractions offer discounted or free admission for military service members as well. A Google search for “Halls of Fame near me,” “museums near me,” or “attractions near me” will provide a plethora of other options in addition to those listed here.

3) Excursions/Cabin Retreats

4 Easy and Affordable Getaways Halls of Fame

Whether it’s nestled in the mountains or 100 miles from nowhere in the Great Plains, there are cabins and excursions scattered all over America. The excursions usually offer a ride/tour in an off-road vehicle or a bus and include interesting stops/sites along the way. There are Jeep Excursions in the Rockies, Horseback Riding in the Appalachians, and wine tasting in the Texas Hill Country & all over the country. Finish up your adventure and enjoy a night or two in a secluded cabin set for romance and intimacy with candle lit dinners, couples jacuzzis, and private balconies overlooking gorgeous scenery. If secluded cabins aren’t your thing, drop some rose petals through the house and dim the lights in your very own bedroom for a romantic stay-cation with just you and your partner. Request your vacation time, grab your partner, and enjoy a romantic, secluded weekend of love and connection. A Google search for “romantic getaways near me” will provide local options for an intimate weekend.

4) Sporting Events

4 Easy and Affordable Getaways Sports

Summer is a great time for several of the most popular sports. Professional baseball is in full-swing, NCAA Football and NFL football kick-off early in September, and NASCAR races run all summer long. There are also other events like Professional Bull Riding and Monster Jam shows to be enjoyed. You can also find many minor league, recreational league, or adult league sports in your area. If there’s nothing around, pack up the family and head to the local park to start your own game. Spectators may join in, but even if they don’t, a great day of family fun and bonding is still to be had. A quick Google search for your favorite team’s schedule or “sporting events near me” will turn up plenty of results for a fun weekend this summer.

Whatever you do this summer, have fun! The ideas listed above (and of course, the ones not listed as well) range in cost from FREE to luxurious. However, if travelling or lodging aren’t in your budget, there are always creative and fun things to do right at home. Talk to your partner or your family and find something everyone likes and go for it. Everyone deals with stress from different areas of their life and everyone deserves some time to relax and enjoy themselves. We hope you’ve found something for yourself in our write-up and we wish you a great summer filled with fun and adventure for you and your family.

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